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Orphanage Visit 

On March 21st 2020 ADU's CEO visited the Cris Orphelinat Les Cris Enfants Orphanage in the Capital of Congo DRC Kinshasa. The orphanage is home to 45 parentless children. Sandra took time to speak with the children there and educate the staff at the orphanage about Dyslexia and how to support children who may have it.



Sponsored Walk

As a child growing up in DRC our CEO, suffered in silence believing that she was ‘stupid’ because she couldn’t understand many things due to her Dyslexia. In order to raise awareness and money for children in the DRC, who have Dyslexia Sandra facilitated a Sponsored Walk in the capital Kinshasa.



Outreach Work

Africa Dyslexics United (ADU) aims to raise awareness of Dyslexia and its impact by reaching communities and spreading awareness and education on this neuro-diverse condition.

From London to the streets of Kinshasa, Dodoma, Nairobi, Accra and other countries in Africa ADU seeks to bring hope and faith to Dyslexics adults and children around the world.

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